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Kick Butts Day ®
March 16, 2016

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About the Event
Kick Butts Day®, is a national event started in September 1995 by the The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, also known as the National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids.  The one day event takes place every year on or around the first Wednesday of April.  This year Kick Butts Day will take place March 16, 2016.   The purpose of the event is to mobilize America's youth to stand up, to be vocal and to take control in the fight against big tobacco.

"The annual event encourages activism and leadership among elementary, middle and high schools students. It's the day that America's kids stand up to tobacco and America's adults standup for kids."1

How It Started
Kick Butts Day®, was launched in September, 1995 by the The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, which is the country's largest non-government initiative ever created to protect children from tobacco addiction.  The Campaign's main goal is to protect children from exposure and addiction to tobacco.  They work to accomplish in four ways: (1) by raising awareness that tobacco use is a pediatric disease, (2) by changing public policies to limit the marketing and sales of tobacco to children, (3) by altering the environment in which tobacco use and policy decisions are made, and (4) byt actively countering the tobacco industry and its special interests.  The Campaign encourages young people to become youth advocates to support tobacco ordinances in their communities, to hold tobacco control activities and events, like Kick Butts Day®, and to help educate peers on the dangers of tobacco.2

How We Can Help
Prevention Partners can help you to encourage your students to take a stand against big tobacco through our wide range of products with positive messages that speak out against smoking and tobocco use.

Our products carry positive messages that you can use, not only for the Kick Butts Day®, but also for other anti-smoking and tobacco prevention campaigns, like the Great American Smokeout or World No Tobacco Day.

Prevention Partners began offering products with positive messages to support tobacco prevention efforts in 1999. Given the importance of promoting these messages among our youth and children, especially given the proliferation of children experimenting with tobacco and smoking at increasingly earlier ages, Prevention Partners continues to create products that appeal to young people.

To view our products with tobacco prevention messages, click this link: Tobacco Prevention and Anti-Smoking Messages

1from Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids 2from Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
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