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Cool giveaways with inspiring messages promoting healthy, drug free lifestyles.

Inspire Change

Ignite Hope

Make an Impact

Products that help you lead & encourage today's kids to live their best life

Your voice is at risk of fading to noise...

Kids are distracted and bombarded with messages

They deserve to hear and be reminded of what you are teaching them regarding drugs, alcohol, and tobacco


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Your message is too important to be forgotten

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Add fun takeaways 
to your event or program...
...which could very well spark a
meaningful conversation, a commitment or a promise...
...and change the trajectory of a
kid's life-forever!

This isn't just a job to us.

We care about you and the message that you are relaying.

We care about the kids who are listening.

More than 10,000 satisfied customers-

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from all around the globe...

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have placed orders, and received quality products that have been given away... 

sparking meaningful, life changing conversations...


resulting in promises and commitments made for healthy,drug free lifestyles...

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for 24 years and counting!

​We know what we are doing and our goal is to make it easy for you to do business with Prevention Partners.



Endless searches cost you time.  We make it easy.

Get the cool stuff that kids love:

the takeaways - the reminders - the conversation starters

that will keep them talking and making healthy choices

long after the event is over.


How it works:

Order cool, fun products

that kids love

Your message gets heard and remembered, talked about

and shared

Kids make a promise to themselves

and You become a

real agent for change!


and want what you teach to sink in...because SO much 

is riding on this sinking in.

At Prevention Partners we know that you want to be an agent for change in kids' lives.  In order 

to do that, you need to lead and encourage them to make healthy life choices.


Our Products

Your logo

Great Combo

Most of our products can be customized with your organization's

name, logo

or creative message.

Information, pricing and quotes



I love purchasing from Prevention Partners, and one of the reasons is because they have excellent customer service! 

Kathy R.  / School Outreach Specialist - S.A.D.D. Advisor / South Windsor Youth & Family Services

I order from Prevention Partners because they are passionate about making a lasting, positive impact on kid’s lives.  It’s not just sales to them; it’s prevention at work. 

They allow you to earn Reward Dollars which can then be used on future purchases.  This has resulted in thousands of dollars of free materials for our participants.

The staff of this company are delightful!  They not only make the ordering/delivery process simple and efficient, they also support our agency and it’s events in various ways.

Lisa R. / Director of Prevention Services / Recovery Resource Council

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