Our Story

So, about 23 years ago, I decided to start a company that would strive to help kids make healthy choices, to make a commitment to themselves to stay off drugs and tobacco and alcohol, and well, to do things differently than I had. To learn about the pitfalls and perils that bad decisions and bad friends can take you.  After about 4 years in business, I brought my best friend down from Michigan, to come in as my business partner, we hired a bunch of our cool and creative friends to expand and grow our vision, and we even employ people in recovery.

Since Prevention Partners was formed, we have:

  • Given over $1 million back to the prevention community

  • Shipped orders to all 50 states and 20+ countries around the world

  • Worked with communities and coalitions, schools and universities, police forces, armed forces, and we have even delivered to the White House


You see, we know we can't win this war alone,  and we don't really think that a pencil or pen, a banner or sticker can change the world...but what we do believe in is people.  People like you, who start the process of education.  Kids and youth who then make the promise to themselves, or to a friend, an adult, a parent coupled with our products that remind them of their commitment and IGNITE meaningful conversations between 

parents and kids,

kids and kids,

students and teachers

mentors and mentees

and on and on and on. 

And that's why we do what we do.  To help remind kids of what you are working so hard to achieve and to SPARK life changing dialogues. 


We depend on partners like you to reach kids across the globe with a message.  A message of hope and of a future that is not marred by bad choices and poor decisions.  A message that every kids counts, that they have a chance for greatness.


So, together, we make up the Global Prevention Community. Sounds important, doesn't it? 

Well, it is. 

So...go on, keep on doing what you're doing--INSPIRING the next generation for change!

Our Why

Passionately promoting

HEALTHY LIFE CHOICES by creating tangible giveaways with positive messages to help kids live their best life!

Kids today are bombarded to make life choices constantly



Just to name a few.


Many of these life choices are dangerous

Most are life changing

Some are deadly

Our products get picked up, used, and shared

they spark conversations

they remind kids about the dangers of bad choices

and encourage the good ones.


Because research tells us we need to hear something

at least 8 times for it to sink in...

and SO MUCH is riding on this sinking in.